Monday, July 17, 2017

A sneaky way to remake a $3 footstool

Footstools are apparently the unsung heroes of the thrifted furniture world. They’re cheap, quick to make over and I can’t get enough of them.

My obsession started when I tucked a low footstool under my desk a few months ago. I couldn’t believe how much more comfortable I felt with my knees slightly raised. I felt like one of those happy 90-degree-sitting stick figures in an occupational therapy brochure on workplace health.

I marvelled over that secondhand footstool and asked my thrift-savvy mama to keep her eyes peeled for more of them.

I redid one for our daughter’s bedroompainting the legs gold and covering the top with fluffy white faux fur — but then she delivered one that had me stumped.

The price was right — three dollars — but it the foam was severely dented on one side, like the previous owner’s feet had stuck to a single position for years or even decades. If I was going to redo it, it was going to need a life-saving foam transfusion — stat!

After a couple of coats of white paint on the wooden legs (Casement by Fusion Mineral Paint), it was time to fatten up the footstool’s cushion.

I had two squares of foam leftover from another project (remember those extra-long window seat cushions?) but neither was large enough to cover the top of the footstool.

I didn’t want to be wasteful, so this is where I got a little daring and decided to see if math would be my friend (for the first time ever) ...

Continue reading in my weekly DIY column, My Handmade Home ... 

Continue reading in my weekly DIY column, My Handmade Home ... 

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