Monday, July 3, 2017

DIY monkey bars

Three summers ago, we added a slide to our back deck. Two summers ago, we built a wooden teeter totter. Last summer, we bought a secondhand play structure and the kids enjoyed the novelty of having their own swings.

But every time we went to a park or a school playground, they were completely obsessed with something we didn’t have: monkey bars.

I knew we needed to build our own, but it seemed . . . difficult. Where would we get the bars? How would we make sure they didn’t tip over? The local stores only seemed to sell swings, slides and climbing rope systems — no monkey bars to be found.

I was at the point when I thought it would be an impossible DIY when I saw a monkey bar kit on Pinterest — just six bars and a little bag of screws — for less than $40 CDN with free shipping on I ordered it when I was half-asleep one morning and almost forgot about it until they arrived three weeks later.

I wasn’t expecting the set to come with instructions — I just figured my handy husband would rig something up — but it did, and he followed them to a tee. (Not my style, but it works for him.)

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