Monday, June 12, 2017

DIY Canada Day wooden art

Today I'm excited to be pairing up with some of my East Coast Mom Media Influencer friends for a #Canada150 blog hop. 

What the heck is a blog hop, as my neighbour asked when I was chattering away about it? It's a bunch of bloggers linking to each other's post on a specific topic. We'd really appreciate you clicking the thumbnails to check out the related #Canada150 posts, all from bloggers right here in Atlantic Canada.

So let's get started!

I decided to try out my spectacular new RYOBI ONE+ 18-Volt cordless Orbital Jig Saw and make a wooden Canada flag.

Hello, gorgeous!

Once I'd printed out a maple leaf (just the outline to save on that toner $$$) and traced it onto a scrap of plywood, it actually was very quick to cut out.

I clamped it to my little work table and just shifted it around once I couldn't cut anymore on a particular side. Gotta love all of those straight lines -- it's the ideal first jigsaw project, really.

I was sad when a little splinter of wood shot out, leaving a bit of a crack in my maple leaf, but I guess that's just #plywoodproblems for you.

Look! A maple leaf!

Since I already had my jigsaw out, I used it to cut two rectangles for the sides of the flag. I didn't measure these -- just eyeballed them based on the size of the maple leaf. ("A little taller than the leaf, but not as wide -- looks good.")

I also used the jigsaw to trim a larger piece of pine to be the back of the flag.

After all four pieces got a quick sand, I took them outside to stain. It was a gorgeous day and Darling Husband was working on a HUGE project (stay tuned) that I wanted to see.

I used light stain (Minwax's Golden Oak) for the back of the flag, that would normally be white, and dark stain (Minwax's Dark Walnut) for the parts that would normally be red.

Once the pieces were dry, I screwed the "red parts" into the background from the back, so you wouldn't see any screws, and slicked on a few coats of poly to protect it.

Then it was ready for its closeup!

I walked around the yard for a minute trying it in different spots.

I think it would be cute in a garden.

Then it ended up back inside!

I hope you give this Canada Day decor a try, especially if you're looking for an alternative to red-and-white everythinggggg.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you keep clicking to see what my friends are writing about #Canada150 today!


Gina aka East Coast Mommy said...

I love the black and white... and I totally need one of those tools! :-)

Reg. said...
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Reg. said...

Gorgeous! Love the rustic look.

Suzi @ confessions of a fitness instructor said...

This is super cute! I haven't used my jigsaw skills in many a year but I think I could handle a maple leaf! I also love that you choose to go with a colour besides the standard red. So cute!

Tina said...

The dark stain looks cool. Did you end up putting it inside or outside?

Peady @ Tempered with Kindness said...

Oh my goodness! What a unique way to show some Canadian pride for the sesquicentennial.

I love the dark stain. That is very cool.

I can see it being kept outside and being allowed to age and weather. It would just get cooler.

Awesome DIY!

Tairalyn said...

What a fun DIY, a great little project to do and hang outside the house! Great job by the way, using one of those things takes skills!

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