Monday, March 6, 2017

DIY loft bed, playhouse and reading nook

As much as we loved our daughter’s cheerful rainbow bedroom, it was utterly chaotic, cramped and cluttered. It also had barely changed since I was pregnant with her, so she was due for something new as we approach her fifth birthday.

We knew we wanted to build a loft bed to go from wall to wall, giving her an elevated play area. She was always bringing toys into bed with her, so we thought having a play area/reading nook that was practically in the bed — but still separate — would be a good idea.

Now, this may seem like a huge project — and it was — but it wasn’t especially complicated. Even though this is a large structure with lots of moving parts, we built the entire thing in less than 24 hours thanks to my mom taking the kids for a sleepover. (I think we went to Kent four times and ate four meals of take-out burgers. It was awesome.)

The first step was finding the studs and securing 2x8 boards to the walls to support the bed. We used more than 100 screws for this step alone, just to make sure it wasn’t going anywhere — no matter how many kids piled onto the bed.

And here's the view that includes the bookcase I shared a few weeks back.

We used 2x4s to support the mattress and raised play area, with sheets of thick plywood on top. We could have gotten away with fewer supports — I grumbled as I primed and painted each one — but my handy husband wasn’t taking any chances.

We originally planned to close off the lower play area just with curtains, but then I got the brilliant idea — mid-project, as usually happens — to build huge doors that would swing out into the room.

By having doors instead of curtains, I could add all kinds of fun details like house numbers and a mailbox. My ever-patient husband agreed and helped me draw up new plans, and we made an evening run back to Kent.

The plan changed again once we got there ...

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Thank you to Kent for sponsoring this project -- providing the paint and a portion of the lumber. All repeat trips (sometimes twice a day) prove how much we really, really love shopping there. 

Love this vintage lock plate from Phillips & Chestnut Victorian Salvage and Decor
Continue reading in my weekly DIY column, My Handmade Home ...

Product sources:
White faux fur pillows: Handmade, fabric from Atlantic Fabrics
Loft bed paint: PPG's "Rice Chips" from Kent
Wall colour: PPG's "Pinot Noir" from Kent
Blush-coloured fuzzy throw: HomeSense
White wooden "C": Michaels
Floral pillow: Handmade, fabric is from the Anne of Green Gables collection at Atlantic Fabrics
Vintage lock plate: Phillips & Chestnut Victorian Salvage and Decor
White powder-coated mailbow: Kent
Chandelier: Canarm Daya flushmount light from Kent

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