Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Why I absolutely love, love, LOVE parent-teacher night

Me + my guy at Neptune Theatre for a little date

I came prepared with my little list of questions and was the first one sitting on the chair outside the classroom door.

My mom always said she loved going to parent-teacher night because it was lovely to listen to teachers tell her what wonderful daughters she had. (It’s true.)

I totally get that now. As a parent, this is a magical night where you get to finally ask all of the questions you’ve been thinking about since the start of the school year — things that aren’t worth bothering the teacher about with an email or a phone call, but things you want to know. Do they listen well? Are they polite? Are they kind? Do they pay attention?

It’s a glorious 10-minute window when you get to find out exactly how your child is when they’re away from you for five hours every weekday.

Mine flew by all too quickly. I could have sat there all night, dreamily listening to how my little boy is “a joy” and that he’s kind and polite and cheerful and attentive. I really should have recorded it, actually. Then I could have played it back whenever I felt like a less-than-stellar parent.

But there is a point in every parent-teacher conference when you have to discuss the thing they need to work on. There’s always a thing. You just hope it’s something easy (like remembering to raise their hand) and not something really serious (like peeing in the water fountain) ...

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