Thursday, July 7, 2016

Turning an old toybox into a rolling storage trunk

I had a fun mail delivery a few weeks back! I was lucky enough to get to try the Fusion Mineral Paint's brand-new Tones for Tots line. 

How cute, right?!

My photo isn't as nice. Notice the dented toybox in the background? Ah, blogging. 

I've been a huge fan of Fusion Mineral Paint since the fall when I DIYed a console table with "Ash."

(It's still one of my favourite pieces in the house. I die for the contrast between the dark grey paint and the white rose-shaped hardware.)

*wipes drool*

Moving on, though. The Tones for Tots line is zero VOC and non-toxic (as well as lead-free, phlalate-free, formaldehyde free, ammonia free, virtually odourless) so it's perfect for nurseries

But! Those of us without babies can still totally rock this paint. Ready?

I've had a really old wooden toybox in my office for ages. I use it to store old clothes (no joke) that I cut apart and refashion into clothes for C and D. It was really solid so I didn't want to get rid of it, but it was looking pretty dingy. 

First I had my handy husband add some casters, because OLD CLOTHES = SUPER HEAVY. I wanted to finally be able to lug that thing around my office as needed.

Then it was time for paint. I got to try "Little Star" and it's the most beautiful, sunshine-y yellow -- not too bright, not too soft.

I shared this photo on Instagram as a sneak peek and people were like THAT IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL YELLOW. Seriously, right?

Fusion paint always goes on so darn well that I can never really believe it. It's creamy and consistent and the coverage is just .... *kisses fingertips* ... delicious, basically. (Am I describing paint or frosting? Hmmm.)

Now here comes the hard truth. I tried making a cool arrow stencil and it was SUCH a fail that I ended up painting over it immediately.

So I went to Plan B ... handwriting!

(It says "Creativity is messy and I am very creative." Because it is completely true -- just ask the thread-covered carpet and paint-splotched desk in my office.)

I wrote the phrase over and over with a pencil and then traced with a copper-coloured metallic Sharpie (although I really should have just used the Sharpie in the first place). Then I used a tiny smidgen of dark pink acrylic paint to make little hearts between each phrase.

The end result ... a fun (rolling) storage trunk that also serves as extra seating in my tiny office!

It's going to live under my desk most of the time, out of the way, but I love that I can roll it out if I have "guests" (my children, maybe?) in my little room.

The colour is so fun, and I like the handwritten effect.

Thanks to Fusion Mineral Paint's Tones for Tots for sending along a container for me to try!

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Peggy said...

You did such a great job and the handwriting is the bomb for sure!