Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Say no to loot bags. Seriously.

Dear Parents,

Let’s all decide, as a group, that traditional loot bags are a terrible waste of money and sanity and we should never, ever make them again? OK?

Yes, I know. It’s easy to roam around a Dollar Store and fill a basket with six-packs and eight-packs colourful crap. It sounded very inexpensive in theory, didn’t it? A couple of bucks here for party blowers, two bucks for powdery candies with questionable ingredients. Each bag will only cost two or three dollars, right?

There’s math involved, sure, as you count the number of guests on your fingers. If I buy three six-packs of erasers shaped like horses and two 12-packs of pencils then I could, hmmm. But what about the soccer ball notebooks? Those come in four-packs so I’ll need — PUT DOWN THE CERAMIC DOLPHIN!

Yes, your kids are probably “helping” you shop, too, and insisting they need to give each friend a mini harmonica (the other parents will hate you) and a piercing whistle (seriously, the other parents will stop inviting you fun places).

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