Friday, March 11, 2016

How to de-tangle, smooth and curl doll hair

When I bought my American Girl doll, Hannah (yes, I bought it for me, years before I had actual human-children), she had the silkiest hair ever. Seriously the stuff of hair dreams ... you know, for nylon or whatever it was.

But then ...

I had children ... 

Every doll looks like it was dunked in a toilet, swirled around, tossed into the dryer, dunked back in the toilet and then dragged behind a truck.


So I got down with my bad Pinterest self ... 

Doll detangler is simple -- two tablespoons of fabric softener in a spray bottle, topped up with warm tap water.

(I made a funnel out of tinfoil because apparently I Kon-Mari-ed our funnel in a fit of decluttering.)

Spritz the doll's hair, behind careful not to get it on their "scalp" (hello, mould) and comb, comb, comb out those tangles ... piece by piece.

It takes a while depending on your child's degree of dolly abuse ... 

Once it's smooth, it might need a little trim.

Baby Alive has naturally (well, you know, mechanically) curly hair, so hers didn't look right when it was detangled and smoothed. So I cut up a couple of drinking straws, grabbed some binder clips and make teensy little curlers. 

I made sure her hair was nice and wet with the detangling solution and let it dry for a few hours.

She was super happy with her new look. Get it, girl.

And now for the before and after comparison ... always the best part of any makeover!

In conclusion, my fingers were very pruney after so much spritizing and combing and curling (C wandered off half-way through and I was left to finish the job).

But ... it was totally worth it. #fabulouslifeofdolls

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