Saturday, January 30, 2016

DIY canopy bed with rainbow curtains

“ROY-G-BIV, ROY-G-BIV,” I kept murmuring to myself as I stacked and examined different bolts. “Roy ... gee ... bivvvvvv.”

I was on the hunt for rainbow hues that weren’t straight out of a cartoon. I ended up removing the “I” (indigo) — all of the indigo fabrics were too dark for our pastel scheme — and swapped the “R” (red) for a deep pink. So, technically, our rainbow was “POY-G-BV,” but it worked.

Let me back up, though. I was browsing on Pinterest with our three-year-old daughter on my lap, and she spotted a canopy bed with purple curtains. She declared it the most beautiful “princess bed” in the world and asked if I could sew it for her.

(You guys remember how little I liked the purple paint she chose for those nightstands a couple of weeks ago, right? Sigh.)

I agreed that a canopy bed would be fun, but how about ... rainbow curtains instead? She squealed and we started sketching how it would look. We told my handy husband about our idea and he rolled his eyes good-naturedly.

Usually it takes him a while to get on board for projects, so I was shocked when he went out and bought the wood and built the bed THAT VERY SAME DAY. When Daddy’s Little Girl asks for a big project, he jumps, apparently!

Read the full tutorial in my weekly DIY column, My Handmade Home ...


Jenna said...

I want to come live in this room - oh my!! What a dream!

jewels4167 said...

I want to buy it!!