Tuesday, December 22, 2015

’twas The Night Before Christmas: A Modern Tale Of Sticky, Frazzled Parenthood

’Twas the night before Christmas,
and parents were frazzled.
Preparing to make sure,
their children were dazzled.

With the Amazon boxes,
all piled by the door.
Free shipping was more tempting,
than the crowds at the store.

With snackies and sweats,
and some wine (just a twinge).
We had just settled in,
for a good Netflix binge.

I with my scissors,
and Dad with his tape.
Realized very quickly,
that we were in bad shape.

There were toys to assemble,
Triple-A batteries to find.
Boxes to be unfolded,
Tags to be signed!

Squinting at the German text,
of instructions disassembled.
How long can a fire station,
really take to assemble?

The pieces! There’s thousands!
My vision is swimming.
“We should have started this days ago!”
 I cursed, my eyes brimming.

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