Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Dear Surprise Egg videos: I hate you

I thought we had a few more years of innocence before our kids discovered YouTube. They’re only three and five! What could there possibly be on YouTube to interest them, when the whole thing’s pretty much nothing but music, stand-up comedy, and Vines of people jumping out to scare each other and secretly zip-tying each other to chairs?

The answer is a little thing called Surprise Egg videos. My friends’ kids are obsessed with these videos, too, so at least we’re not alone. They clutch our iPods and iPads and stare at the screens, wide-eyed, as strangers on the internet crack open eggs and pull out junk. It’s as weird and simple as it sounds.

Not real eggs, of course. Sometimes the eggs are Kinder Eggs. Sometime they’re prepackaged character-themed eggs filled with candy, stickers or Play-Doh. Sometimes they’re plastic Easter eggs filled with random toys and knick-knacks people probably dug out of their couch cushions.

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