Tuesday, October 6, 2015

How our 2010s kids are becoming 1990s kids

We live on a fairly new street where the skinny pie-shaped backyards all run into each other, without fences or trees to separate them. We have wonderful next-door neighbours who have a two year old and a four year old, so it’s always felt like we share one (slightly larger) yard as the kids play together.

But our shared yard feels like it’s gotten a lot bigger lately, as our three year old and five year old have formed fast friendships with some other kids on our street. Being at the bus stop for 7:25 a.m. is exhausting (SERIOUSLY EXHAUSTING) but it is doing wonders for our social life.

Every afternoon when we return from the bus, we have a quick snack and interrogation (er, conversation) about everyone’s day. Then the kids run to the patio doors to see if their friends have come out to play. At the first sign of someone, they’ve got their sneakers and sweatshirts on and they’re rushing down the back steps.

Before long, a whole gang of them will be gathered in “the yards,” as we’ve taken to calling the long stretch of adjoining lawns. Their ages range from two to nearly 11, and sometimes there is a dozen of them. They tend to congregate in the yard with the giant play structure, but sometimes they’ll meander over to our yard to play in the sandbox or dig holes in the dirt. I sent out chocolate-chip cookies and lemonade the other day and everything was devoured in minutes.

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