Saturday, September 5, 2015

DIY family command centre

Life changes, and sometimes that means your decor needs to change with it. We used to have a family “art gallery”on the main wall in our kitchen and we’d hang up the kids’ paintings and drawings — occasionally a worksheet from preschool. But we weren’t good about taking down old pieces and pretty soon that wall turned into a paper-heavy jumble that flapped madly in the slightest breeze.

Our son started primary this week and our daughter begins preschool in a few days, so we needed a solution that worked better for our increasingly busy schedule. A place where we could stick important notices from school, figure out who was doing what on any given day and jot reminders about new and strange elementary-school things like ‘gym clothes’ and ‘hot lunch.’

Sadly, the wipe-off burlap calendar I made just a few months ago for the wall near the fridge wasn’t cutting it. Cramming a full month of information onto a single frame — even if it was quite a large frame — was impossible and I wrote smaller and smaller as I tried to squeeze in the basics.

So I took the wipe-off calendar apart and grabbed a duplicate frame I’d stashed in the basement, as well as an old bulletin board we hadn’t used in years ...

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