Saturday, September 12, 2015

Disappearing farmhouse benches

Every fall and spring, there’s a special week when you can score free furniture.

Sure, it’s from the curb, but sometimes you can get great pieces from people who don’t want to bother trying to sell it.

I’ve mentioned before how we went years without a coffee table. We distressed a hand-me-down coffee table for our basement family room earlier this year, but the living room’s only “table” was a child-sized table and chairs.

So when I spotted a large coffee table that looked like “vintage” IKEA, I screeched to a stop and stuffed it into the minivan. It waited all summer for me to figure out how I wanted to refinish it, but in the process I had an even better idea: it would pull double-duty as a coffee table and kiddie table.

If we built two farmhouse-style benches, I thought, the kids could sit at the coffee table to eat breakfast or do a puzzle. When the benches weren’t being used, we could slide them underneath the table out of sight. They could even be sturdy enough for adults to sit on, too! My heart fluttered at the idea of concealed seating in our modest floor plan ...

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