Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Boys playing with Barbies? Girls playing with Transformers. Heck yes.

“Will that be boy toys or girl toys today?”

I didn’t know if the McDonald’s employee could see me rolling my eyes over their video monitors, but I was cringing at their choice of words.

“What are the toys right now?” I asked the drive-thru window speaker, as the kids watched intently from their car-seats.

“Uh …” There was a rummaging sound over the loudspeaker, then the employee announced it was “just a mix” of toys from previous promotions because they ran out of plastic Minions.

“OK. Well, one boy and one girl, I guess,” I told her, and pulled ahead to pick up our order. The yummy hot french fries calmed me down, of course, but I was still annoyed.

McDonald’s was making me look like a liar.

Just the day before, I’d stood in the aisle of the Toys ‘R’ Us and told our kids firmly that “there is no such thing as a ‘boy toy’ or a ‘girl toy' ...

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