Tuesday, August 4, 2015

When your kids are sore losers

Can you make a career out of playing Snakes and Ladders? If so, I think our three-year-old will qualify for a hefty entrance scholarship.

She’s some kind of Snakes and Ladders prodigy. She wins every single time, even though she can barely figure out how to roll the ridiculous foam dice. My husband and I think it’s hilarious. But you know who doesn’t find it funny? Our five-year-old son, also known as The Big Brother Who Believes He Should Get To Win Sometimes, SO THERE.

We started Family Game Night as our Sunday evening tradition, and we have quite a collection of kid-appropriate board games. Of course, the kids go through phases of wanting to play the same (very boring) games over and over.

There was a dark period when I thought I would have to secretly donate “Hi Ho! Cherry-O” because my clumsy fingers couldn’t stand to pick up any more of those miniature plastic incorrectly-shaped fruits ...

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Mallory said...

Hi! I saw your article in the Halifax Citizen, and had to find you and comment! My husband and I are parents to a little one (11 months). We are avid boardgamers, and are soooo excited to have family game night. We have already started collecting kids games to anticipate it! I recently babysat my niece (5) and nephew (7) for 2 weeks, and I have to agree, kids are NOT hardwired to play nice or fair. And for kids who are more accustomed to iPad games, it took a while to get the hang of boardgames. But by the end of the 2 weeks, they LOVED playing Connect4, Trouble, and My First Carcassonne. But it was a great eye-opening experience for sure :)

Heather Laura Clarke said...

Thanks for finding me to comment, Mallory! :) Connect4 is a good one. We got that for Christmas, and I enjoy it. Anything that doesn't involve rolling dice and moving playing pieces is pretty sweet, ha.