Tuesday, July 7, 2015

When your kid keeps failing swimming lessons

Swimming lessons were never my thing. I passed Yellow, Orange, and Red, but got halted when it came to getting through Red-Maroon.

I hated getting water up my nose when I jumped in. I still hate getting water up my nose.

And I have yet to ever open my eyes under water -- pool, lake, ocean, tub, anything -- in my almost 32 years. Truly. I'm kind of proud of that one.

I wrote about our adventures (misadventures?) in swimming lessons for this week's parenting column. Feel free to click over and read it, if you're the parent of a child who may possibly be stuck in the first level of swimming for the rest of their livessssss.

I watched from the sidelines during one lesson as the instructor demonstrated how to duck under the water. The students all copied her, while our son smiled and shook his head slowly. Stick my head under? Oh, no, thanks. Not doing that today. Still having fun, though!

When the term ended, it was no surprise that he hadn’t checked off all of the boxes. His little buddies passed Sea Otter with no trouble, and went on to Salamander and Sunfish and Crocodile and all of the other adorably-named levels. But we were still sad little Sea Otters.
So we did it again. And then again.
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