Sunday, July 19, 2015

How to re-cover patio furniture cushions

You know you've completed a hardcore sewing project when your arms are totally exhausted at the end.

That's how I felt after sewing the patio cushion covers I did for this week's My Handmade Home column in the Chronicle Herald.

I was sweating as we wrestled furiously on the carpet, each of us struggling to win. It was strong, but it was no match for me. With one final shove, I beat it into submission and fell back against the floor, exhausted.

Yes, you might say that sewing with waterproof outdoor fabric is a workout.

But! They're done, and they're gorgeous. If you have yucky old cushions on your patio furniture, I would highly recommend sewing these removable cushion covers. No zippers, buttons, or snaps -- just pockets.

View the full tutorial 

Check out the full tutorial (with step-by-step pictures) in my DIY column.


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