Saturday, May 23, 2015

How to create huge, inexpensive artwork for $2.20

I love, love, love projects that are not only really easy, but really cheap to make. 

I'd been wanting to print a family photo as an engineering print for ages now, and planned to Mod Podge it to wood -- as one does, on Pinterest.

But when I was trying to plan personalized artwork for our bedroom makeover, I decided to do a collage of personal notes and cards between me and Darling Husband (back when we were two crazy high schoolers). Instead of Mod-Podging it to wood (and losing some of the detail), I bought a large white poster frame. Done and done.

So this week in My Handmade Home, I'm showing you exactly how to prep and order a collage as an engineering print. Try it, seriously. You will luv it, Stacey McGill-style.

Click to view my full tutorial

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