Monday, February 23, 2015

DIY dry-erase calendar: So easy it basically makes itself

We weren't a "calendar" household, because we live and die by our Google Calendars. But we received one as a gift and tried it out, and it turns out? You calendar people are onto something.

Darling Husband, in particular, really liked seeing key dates up on the wall. Harrumphhhh.

So when the calendar ran out, I decided to make one that would blend into the kitchen a bit better ... 

View the full tutorial
Pop over to "My Handmade Home" to see how I made this VERY easy DIY calendar. I promise, you will enjoy writing with dry-erase markers just as much as I do.*


*No you won't. Because it's my favourite thing.

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Megan S said...

Love this idea! I've always given just baked goods, but now I'll have to expand on that.