Tuesday, October 21, 2014

How do you decide when you're done having children?

I've written about this topic before, but our family has recently taken, uh, measures to ensure that we are not having more children.

It was an easy decision in many ways, but I still had a moment or two of panic where I second-guessed myself. Each and every time, I thought about it and said, "Oh. Right. No. No, we're definitely done."

... I also don’t feel like we could emotionally handle more than two kids. Having children and juggling multiple jobs is hard on a marriage — and on a person’s sanity — and I want to be in a position to guard mine a little more cautiously.

I'm writing more about this today in my weekly parenting column, The Mom Scene. I'd love to have you pop over and check it out, if this is a question you find yourself asking ... 


BriAnn said...

Good thoughts. There is a lot of pressure (at least in my LDS culture) to first, have lots of kids but second, know exactly how many you'll have and third, by what age that will happen. Family planning is a personal and complicated process and there are often unforeseen changes of plan along the way.

I like your positive focus on the future and decision to provide a happy and healthy life for them. Thanks for sharing!

Heather Laura Clarke said...

Thank you, BriAnn! I love your point about family-planning being personal and complicated, with unforeseen changes of plan -- completely true, and something that people often overlook from the outside looking in.