Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Puzzles and sports bore me, but you should see me act out a Playmobil scene!

One of my friends recently confessed she felt guilty because she never played Playmobil with her son — whereas I, um, name all of our Playmobil figures and probably play it more than most children.

But she is way better than me about playing games outside — I’m kind of a vampire when it comes to sun — and she also spends more time helping her son learn to print.

 As parents, we all have different styles of playing with our kids — and all of them are equally good! So what kind of player are you?

The Athletic Player 
Some moms and dads seem to be full of energy. They’re always up for tickling, tackling, chasing, or kicking around a soccer ball. Kids definitely know which parent is up for this kind of hands-on fun. My husband can walk into a room and sit down, and suddenly both kids are throwing themselves onto him and demanding piggyback rides. They seem to (rightfully) sense that Mommy isn’t into that kind of play — it would just end with someone accidentally yanking my hair.

The Creative Player 
 You want me to sit on the carpet surrounded by Playmobil figures and act out an elaborate camping scene? I’m your girl. I’ll also get very involved in orchestrating Barbie adventures, building LEGO houses, or playing out a complex cross-over story of the Polly Pockets meeting the Calico Critters. This is how I loved playing when I was a kid, so I’m still totally into it — but my husband has absolutely no idea what to make a little figurine say or do. He looks at me like I’m crazy when I start making a plastic horse totter around and organize a picnic in a high-pitched voice.

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