Tuesday, July 8, 2014


I had eight mamas and 14 kids in my little house this morning! It sounds chaotic, and I suppose it was here and there, but mostly it was really great.

How did it end up being so many? IDK, really. I made casual plans with a few girls, and then told a few more girls as I saw them/talked to them, and then there was 22 of us, somehow. (And yes, we are girls, not women. My mom is a woman. I think think of myself as a girl.)

It was definitely the biggest playdate I have ever hosted. A few people joked it was like a birthday party, but it felt MUCH more chill than that to me. Yes, there was a lot of food, but not the level of detail/pressure/etc. that comes with a birthday party.

I share a lot of pics over on Instagram -- it's rad, right?
I was nervous when I woke up to dark skies, but the weather cleared and we were able to get outside for part of the morning -- even shooed most of the kids outside to eat their snack, which was great. Thank God for gated-off decks!

I always say I'm not a natural hostess -- I'm really not -- because I often get stressed out about events and worry about having too many people crowded into my little house, or running out of food. But after everyone had left today, I felt good about the playdate.

Sure, there were loud moments (with kids ranging from eight months to four years, that's expected), but it was awesome to see everyone. It was a good reminder that I don't need to be stressed out about having people over.

And any excuse to eat cookies at 10 a.m. is good, right?

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