Thursday, February 20, 2014

B is for brownie

I swear this isn't turning into a recipe blog, but a few people have asked for my go-to brownie recipe, and I aim to please!

I used to always make brownies from a mix -- gasp -- but every since I found this recipe, I've never went back to the ol' Crocker boxer (uh, Betty Crocker, if that was unclear?)

I usually make the standard square panful, but when I need more (NEEEEED MOAAAAR) I will double this recipe and make a 9x12 -- or whatever that large rectangular pan is?

This may just be the best picture I've ever taken ... ever.

The icing looks a little funny here, but it's amazing. Trust me.

When I use the icing recipe (at the bottom of the brownie recipe), I will substitute corn syrup for honey if that's all I have. Maybe this is really socially unacceptable? I know people get cray over corn syrup these days, but in my not-a-real-baker's mind, they are both sticky and pretty much exactly the same.

People go crazy for these brownies whenever I make them -- just like the buttercream -- and I actually owe Best Friend a batch because she was drooling over the top photo (when I put it on Instagram). I remember, J! Don't worry!

This concludes the sugar-shock portion of the blog.
I promise I will write about something different tomorrow.
But not vegetables.


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